Press Release: Lanny J. Davis and Michael S. Steele launch bipartisan public affairs firm Purple Nation Solutions

Lanny J. Davis and Michael S. Steele launch bipartisan public affairs firm Purple Nation Solutions

WASHINGTON, June 21, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Attorneys Lanny J. Davis, former Clinton White House Special Counsel and Fox News contributor, and Michael Steele, former Maryland Lieutenant Governor, chairman of the Republican National Committee, and MSNBC analyst, have launched “Purple Nation Solutions,” a bipartisan firm specializing in government affairs, legal crisis management, and strategic communications.

The new firm describes itself as a “unique multi-disciplinary one-stop shop — which includes utilizing legal, media, and political/public affairs experience, as well as bipartisan fact-based strategies to assist clients in finding creative solutions to their most pressing issues.

According to Davis, as businesses face complex issues in Washington and in capitals abroad, working at the intersection of law, media and politics is now a requirement. Purple Nation Solutions is intended to be able to serve clients using all three disciplines — along with a bipartisan approach. According to Steele, “The focus here is on time sensitive, strategic and bipartisan focused solutions with insight from those on both sides of the political aisle.”

Davis will continue to practice law in his Washington DC law firm, Lanny J. Davis & Associates, while also serving as special counsel to Dilworth Paxson. Through the law firm, Davis will continue to work on high profile legal clients. According to Davis, there are several advantages of working with a firm that incorporates legal strategies, including access to gathering all the facts under the attorney-client privilege, developing strategies to correct the record, avoiding legal liabilities, and protecting client reputations from misinformation in the media and on the internet.
Steele and Davis see their new firm, “Purple Nation Solutions,” as an effective complement to the law firm in finding client solutions with regulators, administrative agencies, and Congress.

Eleanor Spektor McManus has also partnered with Davis and Steele. McManus’ focus is on media and crisis communications counseling, message development, media training, and media placement. She has worked alongside Davis with several high profile clients, and is also an Emmy award-winning media & communications professional with over a decade of experience at CNN serving as Washington senior producer for “Larry King Live”.

About Purple Nation Solutions:

Purple Nation Solutions is a DC based strategic communications and public affairs firm founded by former White House special counsel Lanny J. Davis and former Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele. We are a bipartisan, global, one-stop shop. Our logo integrates with our mission of the three pronged stool approach: utilizing law, media and politics to achieve lasting solutions.

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