“Purple Nation Solutions” is a D.C.-based strategic communications and public affairs firm founded by former White House special counsel and legal crisis management expert Lanny J. Davis and former RNC chairman/Lt. Gov. of Maryland Michael Steele. Situated in the heart of downtown Washington D.C., in proximity to Capitol Hill, the White House and federal regulatory agencies, we are a bipartisan, global, one-stop shop where law, media, and politics intersect. By leveraging all three, we look for solutions through non-traditional approaches involving legal means, political lobbying, and media management. Our logo integrates with our mission of the three-pronged stool approach: utilizing law, media and politics to achieve lasting solutions. Read more...

Media Appearances

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Michael and Lanny interviewed on NewsTalk

Michael and Lanny interviewed on NewsTalk

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Daily Download Panel: Can Journalism Really Be Changed?

Daily Download Panel: Can Journalism Really Be Changed?

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What Makes Us Unique

Rather than operating in the traditional model, Purple Nation Solutions takes a new multi-disciplinary approach to a client’s needs. We integrate law, media, and politics with our extensive bipartisan networks providing clients with a full service public affairs, lobbying, and crisis management firm. For those who need the privilege of legal counsel, we maintain a seamless strategic alliance with the law firm Lanny J. Davis & Associates.

Our name is derived from Lanny’s weekly “Purple Nation” column appearing in the Hill, the Daily Caller, Foxnews.com, Newsmax.com, the Huffington Post and the Jakarta Globe every Thursday.

We provide decisive counsel that only comes with that experience of managing crises. Our team brings decades of high-profile media experience and relationships with the leading journalists in Washington and around the world.

Providing strategic advice in sensitive situations can have legal implications. As a legal crisis manager, Lanny Davis and Michael Steele have the unique ability to simultaneously provide legal advice and act as a public relations consultant. With attorney-client privilege, Lanny and Michael not subject to depositions and document production. We are able to offer our clients protection by attorney-client privilege as well as attorney-client work product privilege under applicable case law.